Guys, Help!!! Is It my fault he didn't make time for me this weekend?

He told me he's working a lot so I told him If he's working and can't spend time with me it's perfectly okay with me. I said that because we were hanging out between his working but I felt like he didn't want me there because he would have to go to bed early aND I thought maybe he was just being nice telling me to come over.
Now this weekend he was working again and just didn't tell me he had time.
Did I Possibly Ruin It For Myself?


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  • Ruin? why? don't think like that... but if you're unsure, just contact him, and try saying that you would like to spend some time together when he has time for it.

    • No I was asking because I said that if he's working we won't hang out and it's okay

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    • Why?

    • Because you trust him enough not to need to be always together and that your feelings are mature and consistent enough to understand that he needs his own space for his things, and that that doesn't mean you're falling apart, but respecting each others space.
      Does that make sense to you?

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