People keep calling me ugly!

And it really hurts my feelings. I don't think I am, but whatever. How do I just move on and not care what people think of me?
Eh, well it's this guy's ex and all her friends who've been targeting me. Honestly, I've never done anything to them.


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  • Typically, human adults don't begin name-calling, unless they feel they've been provoked to it. I find it incredulous to think your visage is of so hideous a nature, that passersby not only recoil in unabashed horror, but also lash out in a misguided effort to fend you away. Is there more to the story (For instance, you're not still in high school, and have lied about your age herein perchance?)

    • In that case you can see that the motivation for their name-calling is revenge, and thus take nothing they say as even remotely enlightened. Just call em ugly back and get on with your day. Get busy having fun. Lifes too short as it is.

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  • If you really need to believe something that all evidence points against, you can use one proven method that pretty much all ideology proponents (communism, fascism, feminism etc.) use: repeat it until it becomes true. Don't create an agenda based on facts; fabricate facts based on the agenda.

    Go to a mirror every day and repeat: "I'm good-looking. I'm gorgeous. They just hate me because they're (capitalists/genetically inferior/men). It's society's fault." etc.

    It'll work, people do that sh*t 24/7.

  • because you shouldnt care what no one says. People say stuff cause it there own opinion, not cause its true.


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  • you shouldnt care I'm sorry they call you that there prob just jealous... just say whatever and keep walking who needs peeps like that in life try not to think about hang out with your friends who are there for you and don't judge you like the rest. life is way to short to mess with stupid people like that. I myself have been made fun of because of my sickness I have to where a wigg and some people don't know why so they go and start laughing it use to make me cry and just feel down but now I've learned to move on and just enjoy the rest of my time


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