What should I honestly do?

Ok I've posted before here for advice about my now ex girlfriend. So here's the deal a few weeks ago me and my ex of 1 and half years broke up. She fed me the whole distance and spark was gone deal at first right. So I took that at face value figured their was something else that was an issue but left it alone cause I waiting for her to vocalize what it was. Fast forward a week and half I get a FB message from a former close friend of hers saying she basically cheated throughout the whole duration of our relationship. Me fucking pissed called her to finally get the truth still giving her the benefit of the doubt. Later that night she calls me says she did in fact cheat on me at this party like 2 months ago but tells me the FB message is far more exagerated. At this point Im devastated because I loved her with everything cared for her like no one before has and for her to do it shit killed me. My biggest issue was the fact she didn't have the courage to tell me with so many opportunities beforehand for example the last time I saw her she came to my house to get all her stuff I asked to to sit down and talk with me cause I knew her first reasoning wasn't the full truth. NOPE! She Leaves and I kinda start getting over it.

Ok now fast forward another week and half which is today feeling much better she calls me telling me her reason for cheating was cause she thought she could get away with it. Goes on to say there were 2 other times she cheated so now the story has changed again! Forgot to mention she tells me about how she slept with a dude after we broke up didn't really care but thinks she might be pregnant now doesn't know if its mine or his πŸ˜‘ and Im just like wow now you're gonna be linked to someone who you dont even love for the rest of your life good job. so we got off the cheating topic and she says she misses me loves me and wants me to go on a date with her and I'm just like... WHAT? πŸ˜‘

It sucks cause I do still love and care for her but the pregnant thing kills itπŸ˜•
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  • This is a sticky situation, and you clearly still have feelings for her which makes it even worse. Do you really think you'll get over it? If so than maybe you should give her a chance. Also take into account that she wanted to cheat ( her reason was to see if she'll get away with it). Do you really want to be with someone who will sacrifice your heart jst to see whether they will get away with it. I don't think someone who loves you will act that way. So I would suggest that you move on , however it's your decision to make at the end of the day.


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  • She told u she slept with someone else yet u still think to take her. Ok u asked what u should do move on ignore her don't be like chicken man up and move on sorry about the chix


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  • Its one thing to cheat one, but to cheat 3 times is terrible. Bro leave her, she doesn't deserve your loyalty, care, or time

  • Didn't read, just looked up and saw child trifecta, go no contact and demand paternity test if she tries to trap you.


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