What do I do? Talk or don't talk?

I do not know what I should do, after a couple months of being my ex's friend (and still wanting her to be with me) I find out she just got a new boyfriend, and I am heartbroken, I try not talking to her. I still love her and want her back more than anything, after about 4 days of not talking to her, she messages me saying she is so sorry that she treated me wrong and I was her best and only true friend and she misses me, and has dreams about me and such. she asked if I can come visit but I felt and acted awkward the whole time, so I left after an hour. I still want her back, so should I try and countine the no contact rule thing or should I try being her friend, making her boyfriend jealous that she is hanging and talking to her ex? I feel like she is my one true love, and I don't want to lose her.
I just found out she broke up with the guy after 5 days of dating him, iv been talking to her but she says she dosn't want a relationship with anyone right now, and I think i keep making mistakes and pushing her away, getting back into a relationship is hard..


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  • Too me it sounds like she is realizing maybe the grass is not greener on the other side. If she is in a new relationship and texting you how much she misses you. I would say do no contact for a little and see if she breaks things off with this guy. And if she doesn't. I wouldn't remain friends would be too hard. I am currently friends with my ex and it's hard enough. Can't image when she starts dating.

  • Sorry, but you need to move on.

    I know it hurts to have your heart broken, but did you think about her? She thinks your her ONLY TRUE FRIEND. You need to be there for her. She chose him, you can't change that. Talk to her about your situation. If you still have feelings for her, leave for good, because it's only going to hurt you. But if you're mature enough to stay friends, and ONLY friends, then tell her so. Don't be there for a sick 100 step plan to win her back, because it's not going to happen. Don't try to make her boyfriend jealous, that's not right.

    In life, sometimes good things hurt us and change our lives forever, but a change can be good. You will meet someone better on your path, so don't cry about the past, look to the future. Anyways, stay cute!


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