How do you know if your ex misses you?

My ex and I have the same friends and we all went out to dinner and while we were there, he barely spoke to me. I feel like he felt awkward or something. I did not feel awkward at all. He was on his phone a lot too. i saw him texting and I hope it was not another girl :( We also watched a movie at our friends house and he was playing games or somethig on his phone 90% of the time. Like watch the movie. I am just kind of upset that he never really talked to me. I was the one to speak a few times. What are signs that he misses me? if he does...
Over him so I don't care


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  • I would say if he starts to communicate with you and text you. He is probably missing you. At least thinking of you. You are young. Give him space and take time for yourself. I'm sure he will send you a message in a few weeks.

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    • I think he is talking to his ex again so it doesn't even matter anymore.

    • Well depending on how long you guys where together also play a rule.

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  • Why are you spending time with your ex? You tried it and it didn't work, so you broke up. Know what will happen if you give it a second chance? The same thing! Second chances only work if you broke up for reasons not connected with the quality of your relationship (like both moved away to go to college in different states) or one of you has made a tremendous change in yourself that relates to the reason for the break up (this RARELY occurs and, when it does, takes at least several years.)

    You may think, "We're different! We can make it work." That's what everybody says to themselves before they try a reunion, and 99% of them fail. But. . . you probably need to discover this for yourself.

    He should be talking to other girls and you should be talking to other guys because you both need to move on.

  • Guys are obvious if they want something. Best way to get him to notice you is jealousy, you're with another guy hell probably start talking to you just because


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