Girls, I miss her... Should I talk to her again?

So there is this girl I been dating for 3 months now. I really like her but there are some things that have confused me about our relationship. When we were together in person everything was always great and felt like I grew closer to her each time. But when we talked through text or over the phone it was always different. Got to the point where I would try to have a good conversation with her and she wouldn't even respond to my messages until hours later and not even answer a question or respond to what I said, instead, start a new topic. But she would always want my attention even after making me feel like she didn't want to talk to me...

I tried one last time to have a conversation with her and get the same response I have been getting (late and not even a clear response to what I said)... So I ended up telling her that I think it would be best if we just focused on ourselves. Told her that I appreciated all the good times we had and rather remember that then have a hard time trying to talk and have a relationship that is confusing when she makes it so unclear as to how she really feels. She responds saying "I like you... I really do like you. And I understand. I been really busy but you probably have a lot more important things on your plate. I enjoyed every minute of it.. Thank you" It's been a while and I can't stop thinking about her. What do you think I should do?


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  • Talk to her tell her how you really feel about the way she texts you.. i dnt feel like she knows thats why you left her

    Just have an honest talk and it'll be alright

    And next time communicate anything that confuses you dont just give up and leave , what would you do if you guys had a big problem? U can't just leave ! You need to learn how to communicate with your partner for the long run !

    • I have actually told her how I felt about it about a week prior. I told her that it feels like she isn't even interested in me when she ignores my texts (sometimes pretty lengthy texts telling her about my day or whats going on) and I'll get a response maybe hours later or the next day simply saying my name. Then I would reply and she would completely change the topic and talk about how miserable she is at work and at home with family, etc... I would try to talk to her about that and she would be so vague and then a few hours after that, she would be somewhat flirty again.

      When I confronted her about it she told me that she warned me she had mood swings and was complicated. But that if I didn't want to talk to her then that was fine. She also said that she talks to me and spends more time with me then her friends and said "so what does that tell you". It's so mixed I just didn't know.

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    • Thanks. I'm just afraid with her being moody that it's going to be hard to get her to open back up or give an effort. I've been thinking about how I am going to prepare for her response... if there is one at all...

    • For how long u been apart?
      Did u guys talk at all?

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  • Maybe you should take initiative and just try starting a normal conversation with her. See if any of those habits have changed. Otherwise, give it time.

  • Yes if you want


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