Does it every work out with the other guy you were cheating with (emotionally)?

Had a seven year realtionship end about three months ago. She was emotionally cheating for the last 6 months of the realtionship (so i think). She broke up with me in between her slipt shit at her work. And before i got to my house she already put her facebook status to single. About a month later a mutual friend facebooked me (they use to live together but he got booted out) and told me that she had the guy she was emotional involved stay over exact words (easly withen a week after ending it). My ex texted me a week later after the break up. The first text to ask how i was doing the second text saying two weeks after the break up "she was really sorry and that she doesent excpect that i accept it". I am doing no contact with her so i never responded to any of the text.

Will her new realtionship last do you think?
Is that pathological?
Is no contact the best thing?

Also i will not judge you any way bad i just need answers.
thanks for the input everyone


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  • I have been through a similar experience. My ex broke it off because he was "confused" and thought we were "incompatible." I genuinely believed him and gave him space. He emailed me a week after, saying that he was sorry, that he "had" to do it, that he was "hoping I would understand and be his friend," that he was "worried about my well being." Well, the incompatibility he mentioned when breaking up with me had a First Name and a Last Name, a woman he met a work some weeks before (and I discovered accidentally after a month from the break up... it was devastating!!). He wanted to talk, but what for? Not to get back together... rather to patch what he did and feel less guilty, I guess. I was so brokenhearted, confused and so disgusted by his betrayal. I forced myself into no contact until today, a year from then: my heart still misses him like anything else in this world, but my head still tells me to take the distance. Cheating is cheating, no matter how it is done. Emotionally or physically... it's always cheating - trust is gone, respect is gone.
    I wish I could tell you it's not going to work out between them and that she will come back. I don't know. None can tell you, except time. From what I know, very limited information due to no contact to these days, my ex and that woman are still coworkers and partners. They might be together, but are they (really) happy, knowing what they did behind my back? Focus on yourself, love yourself. Someone better for you will come when you let expect it.

    • ... when you *least* expect it.

    • That was almost identical to what I experienced. It feels good to know I'm not alone. Thanks I don't want to be with her my ex was very manuliptive. But it just hurts to break the cycle. I actually am glad I experienced this so I can see patterns in future relationships. I did not find the break up as hard as my other ones that were 6 months to a year long. I was hurting during relationship more than I am now.

    • You are very welcome. She does look very manipulative, and I would add selfish, superficial and immature. Great that you see the positive side of this bad experience! Just do not let it spoil your future relationships (which is something that I have hard time doing right now, since I have difficulties trusting others...). I am sure that there are many out there that would not do this to you... and that would chose honesty and respect over lies and selfishness. Hugs!

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  • She thrower 7 years away I think it's b time to move


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