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My now ex boyfriend has moderate/severe depression and some anger issues with some days being worse than others.
Some days he just wants to "shut the world out" (as he calls it) and can't deal with anything.
On top of it, he's an introvert and likes a lot of alone time anyway.
We had been fighting a lot the past couple months and finally broke up a couple weeks ago. He told me that he's unhappy with himself, where he is with his life (his career isn't going as planned and he has multiple classes to take soon) his depression is affecting things, etc. He said he can't be happy with someone else til he's happy with himself. He says he just wants to be alone and doesn't want a relationship right now no matter who it's with.
He's saying he needs to take at least a year to get himself sorted and stuff.
He told his friend that if we'd met at a different time in his life that he thinks we'd have been a long term relationship (we were only together 5 or 6 months). When he said that he was going to wait at least a year before dating again, I mentioned that I wouldn't wait that long (I didn't mean waiting for him; I meant it wouldn't be a year before I dated again) but he thought I meant waiting for him and he said, "You weren't expecting me to come back were you?"

We want different things (I'd like to get married, kids, etc. and he doesn't want either of those) so I know that it's probably for the best that we broke up, but I'm just having a hard time.
We'd been living together a month or two before the break up because my lease ended and we wanted to see how it felt. Well we're still living together while I wait for my new apartment to open up on December 5th.

He says he still loves me and admitted he's jealous.
He still cuddles me at night (my head on his chest with his arms on me) and asks to do that every night and gets upset if I say no. He told me he still loves me and wants me to be close to him.
Pays for dinner when we go out/order takeout
Wants to be in the same room with me (and if we're not, he'll come into whatever room I'm in) and will move to be closer to me
Gets super angry/jealous when he thinks I'm interested in a guy. Like REALLY angry.
And I guess I'm just confused. He's acting like a boyfriend but says he doesn't want a relationship with anyone, not just me until he's sorted.
It's just hard for me to deal with the breakup when he's acting like my boyfriend.
It's also hard for me because I know that once he does get himself sorted, he'll be an amazing boyfriend to some girl. He's already a pretty good boyfriend as he is.


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  • sounds like a whole lot of crap! Do you want this man? Do you care and want this to work? Than work with him and go to couples thearpy or conseuling


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