Why is my ex hiding his new girlfriend from me? Even hiding behind a tree!

I have seen my ex with a new girl a couple of times. Once I was behind them and talking to someone else. When he heard my voice he was distant with her, never turned around, and then hid behind a tree.I don't think she knew he was hiding.

The second time I saw them he walked into the library, when he noticed I was there too. he left without her and acted like they were never even together.

Another time I just glanced at them while I was leaving and could hear they were talking. as soon as he saw me he stopped talking but she continued. They were going the same direction as me but turned completely around.

I have never come face to face with em because I think its imposing and he's obviously hiding her from me.But...

Why is he hiding her from me? This makes no sense.


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  • He's shy.


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