I keep viewing her profile very often is this a bad thing? She split up with me two weeks ago and I want to see if there's things relating us?

We split up and literally every day, almost every 2-3hours I keep checking her profile. Sometimes I do it to see her face again and a lot of the time, I view her posts, usually to see if there's anything related to me on there. Obviously it's hard to get over her, but it is getting easier... I think. I care about what she says and I care about her still, but will me viewing her profile stop any time soon, I can't seem to resist?


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  • Deactivate your facebook so you can resist :P

    It's not going to be easy to move on when you are constantly checking up on her.
    It's like part of you doesn't want to acknowledge the break up, which is why you do it.

    • I could block her but i'm still having this hope there's another chance again in the future. If I told her i'm going to block her, do you think she would be bothered?

    • that's exactly what I mean!
      It's hindering your moving on process.
      This obsessive checking up on her is NOT healthy for you, at all, in the slightest.

      Maybe you could tell her that you're going to block her because you need to move on, or even tell her what you've been doing, but you still should go through with it.
      And it might bother her, who knows, but you're broken up so you really shouldn't care.
      You should focus on yourself.

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  • You need to block her on social media. This obsessive behaviour isn't helping you at all.


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  • Not bad at 17


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