How do I get my ex boyfriend back?

Me and my ex boyfriend where going out for 1 month and it was the best time of my life but I had to end things with him because I was having a lot of family problem and I need time to work theme out and he was fine with that but about one month later he starts dating my ex best friend and they have been going out bow for two months. And ever since he has been daring her he has been getting into trouble with the law and in school. How do I get theme to break up or get him to realize that I'm the right one for him.


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  • well if he's still with your ex best friend theirs lots of things you can do but it was your fault that you guys broke up he could have been their through the process which would have made your love even stronger. But like you decided to let him go you should try being his friend first and try to put him in the right track and see if things are like the way they where be ore breaking up because people change they don't stay the same and if you guys become close friends you will get to get closer to him and try to win him back


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  • if I was you I wouldn't wan't to go out with him after what he has done.

    but if you want to go for it :)

    start txting him and flirting with him when you talk to him, and ask if he wants to hangout one night. do stuff that he really likes, make his fav food or desert for him when he's over make him think that he's dating the wrong person and that you are the one.

  • Be careful cos this other girl sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like he's hooked up with a bad girl and some guys really dig that. It sounds like he just wants to have fun. Given that you had family problems and stuff, as unfair as it sounds, the timing of it has possibly given him the impression that ur a bit of a sook. I think you should probably let this one go. I don't think that he has done anything wrong. Time will tell, just wait it out til the break up and if you still like him, give it another shot. If you try to steal him I don't think you'll succeed.


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