Should I call my ex out? What is his deal?

We broke up April. I haven't spoken to him since because he strung me along during exam season and asked for a break, when it seems he just wanted me to do the dirty work. I eventually dumped him after waiting for him & he accepted without fuss stating 'if you can't wait then I guess its for the best'.
We live on campus at the same university and since the break up he has been making himself known to my friends that dont know him asking how i am&that he is my ex&whethet we live together (we live on the same road, he is aware who i live with.) To the point where they make a concious effort to avoid him because he forces small talk with them.
This weekend, I went out twice and he was at the same clubs I went to.
On the Friday, he stayed in my view, leaning on the wall just watching me and moved whenever I moved.
On the Saturday, he did the same thing, i'd catch him behind me or just watching me and almost smiling but this was my favourite club and I was having a reall good time with my friends&a lot of men were around us trying to talk to us etc..
Plus, my friend is going through a bad time and she really wanted to let her hair down.
He then comes up to me and grabs my arm and says something I can't quite remember... But I remember saying to him 'I'm not drunk. Who are you to tell me to calm down?' He says something along the lines of "it's like that now? you're embarrassing yourself now"
which I disregard and say 'I was acting the same way yesterday. You didn't say anything. What are you trying to prove?'
&he then says now that i know you're not drunk I'll leave you alone. I walk away but he proceeded to stay in my view & watch me.
He has really been trying to contact me which I ignore. But it made me feel really uncomfortable him just watching me.
He hasn't seen me in a club setting which i guess is why he thought i was acting a bit "too much" lol but i wanna know what his deal is


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  • Noooo. Ignore him until you die. He only cares because you're not coming after him. But if you showed him the attention he so desperately wants, he'd get real bored, real fast and phase you out again. Furthermore, he's an arsehole and doesn't deserve an ounce of your attention.

    • Lol as I've been doing.
      Its just that its my last year&I would love to just have fun without him talking crap.

    • Literally ignore him. Stare straight through him. He no longer exists.

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