A Question for Pisces Men?

If a Pisces man who loved you, lived with you and out of the blue (after a small argument) dumped you... do they tend to come back? Curious to hear from other Pisces on this one.


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  • Pisces are classically known for withdrawing when thinks get to much for them. Supposedly if you ler them go (ie dont chase them) they recharge and come back. But if you chase them you will never see then again.
    Men tend to be like that anyway and Pisces men are worse. Look up the web - I actually came across a massive thread of women frustrated with their Pisces guys... lol.

    • Oh I'm not chasing him. He hurt me and left me with all the finances... not even sure I would take him back if he could leave after a simple argument.

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    • Thanks for. MHO 😁

    • YW (= My oldest girl is 20 and is a Pisces and I watching this exact thing play out. She was with someone for over 3 years... they split up--then she quickly got involved with someone new (rebound) and they have been together a little over a month, now she wants to come over and talk to me, cause she is rethinking this whole thing and thinking about going back to her 3 year ex. So it seems the zodiac is spot on with this sign. They are very wishy washy with what they want. As for me I actually have a date tonight with someone new and am moving forward. (=

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  • Zodiac signs were invented by people. There is no mystical power that says you will be a certain way, because you were born in a certain month. I know plenty of people born in the same month, that are absolutely completely different.

    Believe it or not, many people who believe in/follow the zodiac signs end up subconsciously striving to act that way all the time. They do not know that they are actually doing that to themselves and that the only affect the signs have on their life, is the one they force on themselves.

  • Zodiac signs don't define human behavior, (36-45) you should know better.

    • Actually he was a Pisces to the core. And I am a Libra to the core. So you are wrong.

    • In that case if you believe zodiac signs he is out !

    • @Joelmiller Actually the opposite it true. Pisces usually come back more then any other sign. Doesn't matter anyway. I wouldn't take him back.

  • I'm a Pisces but I fail to see how this is relevant. If I broke up with someone, then I broke up with them. I don't backtrack

  • Zodiac doesn't define you, you choose your own destiny in this world


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