Should I tell him how I feel or should I just leave him alone?

Me and my ex haven't talked for 6 days after our break up. I've been wanting to send him a message on how I feel about everything, but I feel as if I do he will ignore me. I've respected his wishes and I haven't texted him since the break up, but I feel as if he didn't hear me out. He got upset over little dumb things that I said. I also feel as if there is no point because he's back with the girl that he left me for. Should I continue no contact or should I not even bother? I hate the way things ended and I feel so confused.

I'm still hurt at the fact that he told me that we're never going to get back together. I want him to understand that the only reason that I was so focused on us was because I was afraid of being lead on, that I was afraid that he would do exactly what he did. I felt like I was being used because the only time he would really talk to me is if he was in the mood when I confronted him about it he quit asking for pictures and started pulling away. So I stared getting worried that he wasn't attracted to me anymore, that he didn't want to work things out. He forgets to see that, he only wants to see me constantly asking if he was still interested and that he still wanted me. He's pulled away before and last time he did it was when he left me for his rebound.

I've sat and thought about what he said, but there were reason why I acted like that. At the same time, the reasoning for him letting me go was dumb. What I have to say may not change anything, but I really want him to rethink his decision.


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  • 1. You get get over him, because he might just be using you if apparently he had the girl even before you fought with him, then he's an asshole, don't be with him. 2. You can tell him if you want.. but I am pretty sure he won't consider that, and he's not someone you would want to be with when he can't understand you at all.

    Imagine when you're married, and at some point, you'll definitely have a fight with him, and that he takes your words differently from what you intend to say, he can't handle that, then he left you, divorcing you. Would you want that?

    • She was back in the picture a week before he let me go. Every time she's in the picture I get treated like crap he can't decide who he wants, he keeps going back to me and her. It's pointless talking to him because I'm always going to say something that will piss him off.

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    • That's the hard part, trying to figure out which one you should do. I'll just let him come to me when he's ready. Right now emotions are still high and he's probably feeling really good about his decision, and he's happy with her. Eventually everything will die off and he'll be brought back into reality.

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  • He left you for someone else, so I think your best choice is to let him go. He doesn't care about you, or he wouldn't treat you like that. The best revenge in this, if you find yourself feeling angry later, is also to leave him alone. He'll think he didn't get to you as much, and that could bother his ego a little. That, or at least it preserves your feelings of dignity in the long run.

    • It hurts so bad, I hate feeling that he got the last say.

    • I understand. I've been there once too. The thing is, no one has the last say in your choices besides you. You can say that you deserve better and won't let someone who treated you poorly ruin your days for any longer than you must. Focus on whatever makes you happy without him. Sorry you're having a rough time. I know it'll get better though.

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  • You are finished and he is with someone else. Nothing you say to him will change that. You are wasting your time.

    • He's only seeing her not in a relationship with her. He doesn't even want to be with her like that.

    • You are in denial. He left you. It's over. If you got back together, it wouldn't work. When he left you for another girl, that was his way of saying that you do not please him as much as she does. Why would you want to get him back? What kind of a prize is that?

    • I'm not in denial he told me these words himself. He doesn't know what he wasn't this is theb2nd Tim he got with this rebound he knows nothing about other than his delusion that he is madly in love with her. He's not, he told me he has no plans in getting back with her.

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  • If he specifically asked you not to text him or contact him after the breakup, I would advise against it. However, if you feel like you won't be able to move on until you speak your mind and get it off your chest then go for it, just be ready for the repercussions

    • I just hate how he got to have the last say, how everything is my fault and he's Mr. Perfect. I just think that letting me go because I was too focused on us was a dumb reason. I was really disrespected when he brought her back and it hurt like hell.

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    • I'll just let it go, he'll realize that this was a mistake.

    • Good luck-xx

  • A friend of mine told me about the 'no contact rule' during my last breakup.
    You basically just resist contacting them on any level for at least a month. Not once
    In the meantime make an effort to move on, work on your goals etc- keep busy
    After the month is up you can contact him if you still want to.
    I ended up not contacting him and I met a really sweet guy not long after.

    • I've kept no contact after our break up, I never begged or pleaded him. I know if I message him it will be a sign of weakness and he'll win yet again.

    • I think if you're ever on good terms or are friendly then it's fine to have a chat if needed
      But it's not necessary and to be blunt he won't want to hear it
      From my experience guys are pretty different to us girls in that way

    • I don't know what terms we're on. He told me not to text him again so I haven't. I really wouldn't know what to say he hurt me really bad.

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