So I broke up with my girlfriend but I am not sure it was for a good reason?

I was in a long distance relationship with her for 8 months (never met her in person.) And last night I broke up with her because she kept telling me about her sexual past... She got with a lot of people and she was all telling me how she was with this one guy a lot... She cheated on her ex with this guy and they never used protection and she was 15 he was 21... (she's 17 now) and last night and was all telling me about all this shit and it just broke my heart and I told her I couldn't be with her anymore. Was I wrong to break it off with her?


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  • She cheated on her.

    Her sex history bothered you.

    You most definitely did the right thing.


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  • It's an ldr. Just let it end.


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  • Talk to her

  • Saved yourself some drama.

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