I broke up with my boyfriend yet im still feeling sad?

can anyone just give me advice or something to make me feel better?


Most Helpful Guy

  • everything happens for a reason and not because you're a not lucky, but life gave you a valuable lesson, a chance to discover yourself and discover people more. sorry for what a happened to you, but don't worry because pain born the hope, and hope bring happiness, and happiness make you see what others can't see.

    don't feel sad, because in this world there's a great things waiting for you to happen, but you don't know about it yet (that's why everything happens for a reason).
    be happy, be what do you want to be and you'll be ok

    Good luck...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sadly there is no magical "cure", the only thing you can do is keep reminding yourself why you broke up. I broke it off w/my ex because he was making me miserable, I loved him a lot and I thought I would end up marrying him, boy was I wrong. Keep remembering how miserable you would be if you stayed and in the long run you would be a lot more hurt. I would rather have a few months of sadness vs being miserable for the rest of my life. Move on and do what you need to do and along the way you will meet the right guy. Its been a couple months post break, some days I miss him more others less.


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  • The best thing you can do is keep busy! Go out with friends, take up a hobby, anything to distract you. Don't spend a lot of time by yourself, because your thoughts will more than likely trail back to your ex. This always worked for me after a break up. Just remember, the next one is usually always better!


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  • Hang out with your friends have some fun and get over it i know you can


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