Is my Scorpio Ex trying to torment me? Does he still love me or does he hate me?

Hi there,

So here is my story. My Scorpio Ex broke up with me months ago but weirdly keeps “coming back” only to then go away again. I basically haven’t had enough patience during these times of him coming back so in the past I have flipped out on him trying to get him back and then he runs away again.

Well this last time he was half in it, again suggesting I go visit him at work but never making it concrete or telling me where his new job is so I lost it on him and told him never to text me again because it hurts too much and that I have always loved him but for him to leave me alone, and blocked him on Facebook.

Fast-forward a month, I see him out at a party. He comes to me with open arms and I just shove my way right past him and ignore him. I know it caused a bit of a ruffle in front of his friends but I was not ready to talk to him... really and truly like ever again. I was so angry at him for being so indecisive before and still hurt. At the end of the party he comes up to me and swoops in and gives me a hug and says a quick “Hi” and then leaves.

After that I couldn’t get him out of my mind! I was finally moving on and dating new people and was happy, which is why I was ignoring him fully at the party to stay away, but now after that hug I am back in it and the new guys I was dating mean nothing. I truly feel that he is my soul mate and I miss him everyday… especially after him forcing me to acknowledge him. Since then I have seen him out twice. He always comes up to me and says hi and says bye, but when I try to engage him in conversation it is very awkward and he won’t ask me a think about my life, as I ask him about his. That was a big reason our relationship failed the first time was I never asked him about his day. I have been working on this and now ask him and everyone else more questions about themselves. I acted selfishly before without realizing. Anywho
this last time I saw him it was after his birthday weekend and I dropped a card off at his door like he has done with me before to break the ice. When he had done so before it led to us dating. He texted me and thanked me for the card, however when I saw him out the next day he again said hi and bye but really didn’t seem interested in talking more to me and even dismissed me when I tried to tell him something as he was leaving.
Please help I just dont get it! Why go out of your way to push yourself back into my life when I clearly asked you to stay away, and clearly didn’t want to communicate when I first saw him out after I blocked him etc. He snuck in there and forced that hug onto me! Why do that then act so disinterested but stare at me? And let me tell you he stares!! Its that good ‘ol Scoprio obsessive stare.. and it can be a little hard to act normal when you know someone is looking at your every move.


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  • I've been dating a Scorpio for the past ten years and I know exactly what you mean. They love to play the game and act like they don't care but as soon as you switch around on them and show them the cold shoulder they wonder eventually why you are not giving them the attention and start thinking that you are cheating or whatever. You really need to be very patient with this type of guys.

    • Yeah totally, but this is an ex we are talking about here. :/

  • Us scorpios are something else. He's showing you what you missed out on. He has you right where he wants you. Watch out for the sting because it will burn.

    • So he's doing all of this just to hurt me? Does he not care about me anymore?

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    • Thats the same feeling I have too... he needs to trust that I won't hurt him or embarrass him again. And I will just have to let him do as he needs and wants. Let go of any control and treat him well. Yes, its just going to take him a while to trust me again... I have scorpio friends and they have to make the decision I know... I guess I know what I have to do. Thank you Jaz. Youve really been an angel today.

    • No problem, good luck

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