What if I miss my ex? his memories brings me sadness? and every memory is a good memory but it's bringing me sadness?


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  • Can I ask what happened to cause the break up and who left who?

    • long distance. And I caused the break up because I felt like something was off. Then he admitted he was seeing someone else and that i should understand that we are living in different sides of the world. Everything was ok until that, until i didn't answer him and he asked me what happened and I started arguing and saying some things i should't say. He got annoyed and told me to stop but i continued it. another day i apologized, he accepted it but a few days after he blocked me.

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    • because I can't understand how he could be like that. That was so mean of him to be the first to ask If I wanted to remain in touch. And that we will talk. It's like he make me fancy and then nothing.

    • I understand. :/ it's a roughy road ahead but I promise it will get better.

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