Is the Ex Jealous?

Sunday the ex came to get his stuff after we broke up. He is the one who broke up. I was texting my adult daughter and him at the same time and accidently sent him a text meant for my daughter. He then replied "I must not have rated very high since your apparently already talking to someone else". I explained to him I was texting with my daughter... but WHY would he care? The second he walked out the door I had every right to talk/date or have sex with anyone I choose !!


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  • Exactly. None of his business, since he broke up with you and deliberately stepped out of your life.

    • About why he said that... it's hard to tell with the little info you gave us. It really depends on the reason behind the the break up. It could be jealousy, possessiveness, sarcasm, lack of self esteem... Go no/low contact, wait and see what happens. Actions speak more than words. If he wants to talk, he will let you know one way or the other. But if you care about getting back together, I would not date someone else while you wait... focus on yourself.

    • We lived together. He left me with higher rent and all the bills. So he basically screwed me. One day telling me how much he loved me, how happy he was that he met me, yada yada... the next day was fine.. then that night we drank quite a bit-ended up having our first argument ever and the next day he packed up and left. I did everything but beg and plead with him to not leave. I did try to stop him, telling him I loved him, I was sorry for whatever had caused this and he wiped his eyes, but would not look up nor talk. I know there is no one else because he is back on the dating site we met on. So at this point I probably would not even take him back. And absolutely I am in zero contact with him.

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  • He probably thought you had someone else already and maybe he did get jealous a little because he thought you are still loving him and he was probably shocked when he saw that text.


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