Why can't I move on and he just make up his mind?

We dated for 3 1/2 years and we were the first bf/gf either of us had. He dumped me over a text message a few months after we graduated. I did the stupid ex girlfriend thing and sent him messages and begged and tried anything. I have changed a lot from this experience but he doesn't seem to care. The problem is, I can send him a message and he'll read it and keep it but he won't respond. I've given him a million opportunities to tell me to screw off but even though he has texted a few times a while back, he never will tell me to go away. I'm heartbroken because I'm still in love with me and would honestly do anything to get him back. I just feel like this would be easier if he either told me off or actually talked to me but I have no clue what he's even thinking. :'( this has been causing me extreme depression for 3 months and I just want to understand.
We had even talked about marriage and kids, he even gave me a promise ring for our anniversary. I hate myself every day for f-ing up our relationship.


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  • Lovebird7 is 100% right! I was in the same thing. She's distant and just didn't act the same way she did in the beginning. I was always in the gray area and when I give her the option to leave she said nothing or just twists it to make me feel terrible about it. Best thing is to try to get an answer. 3+ years is a long time but you can definitely get over it over time. Don't rush into anything after either. i was taught all my life to share my feelings and speak up if anything was wrong. If he can't do that then what's the point. No communication or commitment... Then there nothing.

    • I totally agree with this! Thank u for saying right lol ! Great comment by the way

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  • Girl honestly I know where you're coming from! The reason ur having a hard time moving on is because u don't have closure! & ur sitting around just wondering all day! I've been there!! What u should do is CALL him & tell him that u will leave him alone for GOOD if he just gives u closure bc that's all u want! If he DOES tell u he doesn't wanna be with u & he wants to be left alone, it's gonna hurt ALOT! A whole lot BUT u will be able to move on faster if u just have closure! Trust me! & even if u can't move ON right now, u should at least try to move FORWARD with your life Hun! Moving forward doesn't mean moving ON! It just means that u continue living YOUR life without sitting around worried & depressed all day! & I know it's SOOO hard but u have to try! Feel free to message me if u have any other questions!


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  • My take on it is that you should find a new man. I think this would help you feel a lot better, or even just talk it out with your friends. Feel better 😥!


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