What should I do?

I know that i have to go talk to girls to get a girlfriend but to be quite honest I am still feeling in the-wake so to speak of my last relationship that ended far to long ago for me to even still be caring about (it lasted 3 years and ended a year ago).

What should I do?

  • Keep doing what you have been doing, you'll get there
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  • Change it up go talk to some girls, doesn't matter if you still feel for it, just get back out there
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  • other
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  • So, your question sounds more like you are trying to overcome your feelings for your ex. And you want a girlfriend but haven't got over your ex yet. Hmm... what do you want to do?

    • Well i want to be able to find a good girl but I am having bad feelings about getting to know someone at the depth i did again... like i am fully capable of being an awesome boyfriend but I fear I won't have depth to me since I would be concerned with opening myself up to another girl now.

    • Thanks for MHO! 🤗 I believe you will overcome, don't let anyone damage you... just be strong

Most Helpful Guy

  • I used to suffer from that! I was about 20 too. The relationship had only lasted a year, but still. I was heartbroken man!

    You know what cured it?


    Get out there and get some of it. it's available "over the counter," I believe.

    No kidding.

    • Lol did that already when I was living in LA, maybe ill give it another shot, they have much hotter girls up here anyways

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    • Naw man this was all pre-wife. Pre-wife. A former life. California girls, man.

    • Like MHOs, pussy is always something to be thankful for.

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  • It is wrong to inflict yourself on others if you don't feel ready to re-enter as a combatant in the dating wars.

  • Honestly, just go out there the more you have no ne new to talk to the longer you keep thinking of the last relationship. You can't forget if you can't move on. Plus go out there with out any expectations meet people talk to them if it works good if not on to the the next one.

  • give other girls a chance, it can't do harm

  • Just have fun and don't take it seriously


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