What should I do in this situation while studying abroad?

So I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend who is back in the states right now. However, when it is day for her it is night for me here in Korea where I'm studying abroad. Before I left for Korea I wanted to take a break so things wouldn't be hard but she refused to do it, thus I told her we'd try to work things out. However, now that I am over here I feel as though she wants to talk all the time. Even b4 when we were back home all she wanted to do was to be with me, more than I did with her. ?And could've really not cared to see her for the day. Anyways since I've been she has been always calling my int'l phone and wants to skype. She tells me to leave my msn messenger on in case she need something. However I don't want to do these things tho. And for the past couple of days I haven't talked to her at all. And to be honest, I'm not affected at all by it. I really have no urge to call her and see how things are going. I've been out of touch with all of my friends while I've been here, just emails to my mom once or twice so far. Just recently I got numerous emails from her to skype or call. I emailed her back a couple days ago that everything is fine and basic stuff. But what I want to know is if I'm being selfish while enjoying my time here in Korea plus studying and kinda neglecting my relationship with her? She calls but I don't care to talk. I really feel I could go this whole break without talking to her. Idk. Should I just end the relationship or am I being too selfish. Mind you when I study elsewhere in the states we're on the phone at least 4 -5 hrs of the day and not to my liking and she has trust issues. What to do?


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  • Dump her before it's too late.


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