Can't tell if my ex still likes me?

We hung out with a mural friend. Keep in mind she only knows this friend from me. She text me a couple days before thy asking if I wanted to hang with them. The day we hung she text the mural friend saying she just woke up 5min before the event started. (Most people I feel would end up not going from just waking up) she rushed over and meet up with us. Everything seemed good we talked and laughed. Later that evening she unblocked me on Instagram and started following me again.

the next day I asked her to call me. As soon as I set my phone down she called almost instantly. We talked for about 10 min and I said "well I can let ya go" wasn't much left to say.. Then she pauses and says "it's alright, I'm not doing much anyway" ... It's been a couple days and I have not text her. I don't want her to think I'm around for her whenever. I'm just confused to if she still has feelings. She never said she "fell out love" with me. Said she just needed time alone to travel and experience life before she settles down.


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  • She still likes you, or she still wants to be in your life. It's up to you to decide if she's trying to go back to the way when she and you dated, or if she's just trying to be back to speaking terms with you. Maybe she just needed a break. In my opinion she is slowly trying to be friends again. If she brings stuff from when you and her were a thing or starts to flirt then yes she likes you, but it looks like she's just trying to become apart of your life again.

    • She seemed to flirt. She would take the paper I had for the game we were playing and wrote my name on it. Just not too sure what she doing. She did say she needs more time and space, when we talked on the phone. I feel to give up hope and let go.

    • If you really love her, it's gonna be hard to let go, but as being in this situation before, it's best to just stay friends, and if you two hang out one day and either one of you decides to make a move, then that's when you know she still likes you..

    • I would love nothing more than to be her friend. Me and her been best friends for over 2 years. I think our feelings for each other are getting in the way of being friends. She said she don't mind hanging with mural friends but doesn't want to hand one on one. She made it seem like she doesn't want to have to explain if someone ask why we are together. I'm going to give her more space and see if she comes around. She is planning on moving at the beginning of the year.

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  • She obviously still likes you. Sounds like you are a good person and good people are hard to find in this world. Be happy with the time you spend with her, but, always remember she left you. So my advice would be to enjoy these moments but keep her at arms length so you dont get hurt.

    • Thank you. I try to be a good person. I am giving her the space she needs and maybe she will realize how much she does care for me. I'm not going to wait around. So if something comes along and it happens then I will be gone.

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