When my ex moved out after breaking up with me, she left a lot behind when she moved out. Why didn't she take everything?

Some of the stuff I would consider stuff she doesn't need. But, sons bike, her college degree, framed and wrapped pictures. Lots of clothes but she already had a lot of clothes, plus she never left her keys to my place and garage door opener. Am I reading too much into this?


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  • Depends. What kind of stuff did she leave? She could have left in a rush and didn't bother grabbing much. She *might* want an excuse to go back or conversely, she could have decided it isn't worth seeing you to gather up her junk.


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  • excuse to go back. or stuff she doesn't want anymore and she considers your place a huge trash pail.

  • She just left the junk she didn't need anymore or didn't want to see.

    • Normally I would agree, she rented a Uhaul, and she had 15 hours to get everything. Its not like I gave her 4 hours to get everything out. She had literally all day.

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