How do you get over a break up where your boyfriend basically friend zoned you?

We went out for 5 months and we had a great time together and always got along, barely fought (only over silly things, nothing serious). He broke it off with me out of the blue and said he didn't feel romantically about me anymore and that I was his best friend. I couldn't believe it at first, sometimes I still can't because what we had was so great. But I'm slowly learning to accept it day by day, it's really hard and I'm going through so many emotions it's exauhsting. This isn't the first time my boyfriend friend zoned me in a relationship... God what is wrong with me? Shouldn't couples be best friends? What am I doing wrong?


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  • Yeah same things keep happening to me and I have no idea why. First time it was my first boyfriend of a year, he said he just sees me like a best friend/sister. It crushed me, but I got over it. Then few years later, my most recent ex of 4 years dumped me for THE SAME GODDAMN reason, exactly the same words! It really sucks because I don't know how to make it logical, I have to make it logical in my head in order to move on and be fine with it, but I just can't. Leaves one big question mark in my book.

    • Maybe guys think you're supposed to be in this "honeymoon phase" all the time and when it wares off and reality sets in they don't know what to do. Once the infatuation from the beginning of the relationship wares off (which it always does) they're left with their best friend and they get confused and stuff. But imagine if you were just going out with someone based on just looks and had nothing in common and didn't even become friends... When the honeymoon phase wares off they're pretty much left with someone they don't even know/ understand. So I don't see the problem with going out with your best friend.

  • You are prefect. You are doing nothing wrong sometimes people are brought into your life to show you the path and future you are suppose to take, but just because they come doesn't mean they are here to stay. You are special in your own way and whatever happened him just break it off had to been stupid. If you are accepting the fact about it, thats good but its also going to hurt thats the cycle of love. Teel him how you feel and if he doesn't feel the same then it wasn't meant to be and that should give you faith to move and gain back who you are and not worrying about someone that lost the greatest thing that ever happened to him!


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