DOES HE MISS ME or what?

fyi, the title is a bit too much haha

anyway, i broke up with someone a month ago. he didn't cheat on me nor did I. it was hard for me, tho. it's never easy. i just felt that he changed. i tried to talk with him but he seemed ignoring me, I don't know why. I tried to not to give up 'cuz I do like (maybe love) this guy but I was tired; so, I ended it. We're cool now.

HOWEVER, a week after we broke up he texted me saying that he miss me. I did read his text message but i didn't respond. Later on, he texted me asking to hang out at his place; I did respond him saying "no" because i didn't want to and I was so busy with school (overwhelmed by the assignments) then he still trying to ask to hangout on another day. He once mentioned that "It's worth the wait to hangout with you" and i was like "what the fu*k are you talking about? are you drunk or amnesia the fact that we just broke up?" then he stopped texting me 'cuz i never get back to him since then.

I don't hate him but I feel disapointed by him but that's okay because I've learned something from this relationship I don't want to waste my time for hating people; useless.

Yesterday he texted me again (four weeks right after we broke up) asking to hangout. but i couldnt respond to his message right away because I was in class. I just realized that his classes were cancelled and he wanted to hangout with me (but he didn't say that his class were cancelled, so he went home).

bottom line: what is he trying to say?


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  • He wants a second chance. Try finding a place you guys can hangout, but with some other friends too. Then it won't get awkward and you can see if he's changed, or returned, to the guy he was before. You've played hard to get long enough, so go see what the poor guy wants

    • Is it weird if I text him (as a friend) now? I mean, he tried to talk to me but it seems like I'm avoiding him

    • It wouldn't be too strange, just keep the conversation really casual. And avoid bringing up memories of when you were together, because that would make him thinking that you're desperate to get him back, when you're just trying to see what he's after.

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  • He wants to have a sex.

    • mhm i'm not sure about that (could be tho) 'cuz he lives with his parents. And I know that his mom is always at home, at least when I was visiting his house.

      but thanks for your opinion! :)

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