Do you think there is something wrong with me?

After how I broke up with my girlfriend recently, I sense to have this weird feeling that the people I'm close with and the people that I know just likes me only for a while and they will turn their back on me. Now I just don't want to meet anyone or new people because I just think that they will just get tired of me eventually after we got or get to know each other. Now I just have no will to do anything... I just feel so anxious everyday everytime because of that feeling...

The reason I break up with my girlfriend was because after we just dated for few days, she gave me this one guy issue and I didn't take it serious the first time. But later, I found out that she was lying to me and they had this thing between them... but all this time, she would tell me that she loves me and then in the back, she would seek another love from another guy... So I just had to end it... And I thought that I would feel better because I ended a relationship that had to be ended, but for the first few days, it seemed okay but now, the feeling that I mentioned above is getting worse and I just don't want to live in this world now...

After the break up, I am suffering from inferiority complex; therefore, I lost self-esteem and I feel like that there was and is no one who cares about me... I wish I can just rewind the time when I didn't meet my ex girlfriend at all...


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  • You are going through a rough patch and I feel with you. What you have to understand that we attract the same kind of people who are our match from within us. It means the voids and lacks you feel about yourself your ex has as well about herself. She tries to fill this void like a heroin addict in many different colors and variations, but it will never work. What you are given is a gift from the universe to find sense in this dark night of the soul and become stronger finally. Trust me I have been there so deep down low and life did not make sense to me at all anymore. All that you are feeling right now is because you cannot open up to anyone your true self. And in reality your vulnerability is exactly what people loved about you in the first place, as long as you show them that you are constantly being a warrior who wins his own inner battles. That is off value to anyone who comes closer to you.
    You did a good thing by breaking up with her because you need this alone time. You need to grow now and understand your deepest fears which usually have to do with childhood, the way you were raised by your mother and father. Could it be that your mother was controlling and you were told many many times subtly and in to your face that you are worthless. That is because it is mother or even father who feel this way about themselves. Become your own best friend now. Peel the layers of fear and doubt off. And become the best that you can be. You will start to attract 10 times better girls once you have gone through this lesson of self growth. And you will be very happy, trust me on this one. Win this war champ! It is a war within.

    • I want to pm you because I want to tell you something in private but it says that you only allow pm from followings only.

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    • rather once you read the mail, pls delete it from here

    • I sent an email to you, but how do you delete it?

  • Dude same thing happened to me not long ago and the twisted part she's my co worker. A customer came and she kissed him right in front of me while I was taking his order happened this week. Lmao I find it funny but I don't let that stop me from working and doing what I have to do. Understand that we were born with a pair of everything well in most cases. We have a brain and some how society programmed us to have an ego which i find ridiculous. Understand that somthings aren't ment to be. Life has its ups and down smile and laugh is all we can do my friend. You are destined for greatness don't you forget it! :D

    • Mahn we live in a cruel, harsh world

    • Listen to some inspiring music you'll get over soon. Get into shape and learn something new. Get smarter.

    • All I know is she's going to stay were she's at im going to move on to bigger and better things. My friend.

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