Did I make the right decision?

I have wrote on here a couple of times about ending things with my then boyfriend. I have now ended things but there's a part of me that questions whether i made the right decision or should i of just kept on letting things go. I know i meant a lot to him and now im not sure whether im second guessing my decison cause i miss him or because maybe i should call him and work it out.
Our relationship survived because i always forgave him for the things he was doing time after time. He lied to me a hell of a lot during our realtionship about trivial and major matters... he gave his number out twice to 2 different girls, he was snap chatting a girl he had previouslt taken out on dates before we got together, i found messages off several girls on valentines day on his facebook (no i wasn't snooping we had an argument) he also lied to me for 5 months about taking a class A- drug, he cancelled our holiday due to have no money but went and spent around £150/200 the weekend after, he would lie to me about where he was going which would never make sense to me, he told me someone tried to kiss him when he was out partying with his friends (he used to say things to make me jealous) he would cancel on me after making plans if something better came up with his friends it felt, or he would tell me he had to kiss and hold hands with someone because of his job does this worry me? so i would be like kind of yeah but i understand you have to do it and then he would turn right around and tell me he was only joking he just wanted to see my reaction.

So i just grew so tired of being the one that never lied, was trustworthy and honest and i just wanted the same respect given back. We've had believe it or not some fantastic times together, we were always laughing, at times i miss everything about him he was like my best friend. Can someone help me? have i made the right decision to walk away from this man even though i love him?
H e has continued to text and call me everyday since the break up, tell me how much he finds it hard that were not together, he misses me and thinks about me, so i asked him after days of calling me why are you calling me are you going to change anything? and he said no he just didn't feel good and knew he could talk to me


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  • Wish I could find a girl as forgiving as you.
    You did the right thing. He will drag you down with him

    • Why am I second guessing myself then? He blames me for a lot and he is so angry with me, but surely the things he did were wrong?

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    • Do you think he has done a lot of things that he shouldn't of done?

    • Drugs, would be more than enough for me.
      I dont even like girls that smoke, so that would be over the top.
      Lies Lies Lies. wouldn't that be enough for anyone.
      Think more of yourself

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  • Yes you did make the right decision. You need a guy that is honest with you and treats you with the respect you deserve.


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  • Yes you did. He needs to grow up on his own.

    • So I shouldn't look back?

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    • I'm not preventing him growing as a person I don't think, I think he's stopping me from growing by doing all the things he is doing to me in the relationship

    • Didn't say you were. Either way it's best for both of you to move on.

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