Should I apologize for lashing out at my ex after the break up or should I not worry about it?

I haven't texted my ex since we ended things last week, I'm starting to feel bad about the things that I said. Even though he hurt me and said some cruel things I shouldn't have lashed out at him. I was being so patient with him while I let him treat me like garbage and say all these mean things to me. Towards the end of our conversation I said something that he didn't like (dumbest thing he got mad over) and he tells me not to text him again. I said, "please don't do this" no response I wished him well, but then I snapped I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't curse him out, but I did let him have a piece of my mind with some curse words in there.

I don't know if he received those messages or not, a part of me believes that he did another part believes that he didn't. I called his phone to see if he blocked me and it rang a couple times, so I think that he did receive those messages. I didn't regret sending all that stuff at first because I was really hurt, but now I feel bad. I know he said hurtful things, but I shouldn't have been so immature and lashed out. I was hurting extremely bad when I said those things, how could someone lead you on for 5 months making all these promises and giving you false hope just to turn right around and hurt you the same way that they did 8 months ago? I feel that he did deserve what I said, he did use me and lie to me many times, he also betrayed me once again. I know that he had no remorse or feel no emotion when he was telling me those things to hurt me, so why do I feel bad?


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  • U feel bad because you loved him and even though he treated really bad you still believe that there's a logical reason for his actions which is making you feel guilty
    No you shouldn't apologise and nor should you try to contact him again, the best way to move on would be to focus on your life and avoid him as much as you can


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