Should I be friend with benefits of my ex-girlfriend?

My girlfriend broke my trust a several times by flirting other guys due to which I broke up with her 2 months ago. But maybe it was difficult for both of us to move on and the break up was only a namesake thing between us. Because inspite of the fact that we broke up we used be together like we used to do earlier.
But even after that we had a quarrel out of some trust issues. Then things between us changed and I started maintaining distance from her. But still we used to call each other daily and used to meet onece in a week. But last week I was really very busy and I couldn't contact her much so shr got upset and decided to end things up. Her sudden decision of changing things to this level was quite painful for me and I didn't want things to end in such a way so I tried to tell her that I still love her a lot and kept trying for 2 days but she was being very rude so day before I gave up on it and decided to forget it and focus on my career. And the very same night she called me and apologised but by that time my mind was completly out it and I really don't know but now I don't even feel like meeting her.
And yesterday she came up with a proposal that she wants me at least to be her friend with benefits. Now I'm in two minds because she's really hot so I don't wanna regret for letting it go later. But now I don't have any feelings for her and I think it will be difficult later on for both of us to move on later. What should I do? ?


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  • I would really recommend against it. One of you probably has feelings for the other, or will develop feelings again. I have never seen a situation that didn't end up that way and end in heartbreak for one


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  • It will just keep going on and off... make sure when you had the feelings... you keep it until she has it. or you can just go ahead to her place and make her has the same feeling faster, pretty sure couple quarrels... so yeah just go and 'reconcile'..

  • Do it, but, be prepared for it to end quickly


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