Im single and alone again?

I was very close to asking a girl to marry me. I've never really thought about ever asking someone to marry me. We ended up splitting up for many different reasons. Now Im alone, again. Im 41, but, now the holidays are coming up and I find myself getting more and more depressed as Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer.
Anyone have a solution for beating the holiday blues?


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  • In the same boat, except my wife is leaving with the kids this week and I'll be in the house alone until it sells and this is going to be all new to me not having Thanksgiving with them , I'll have Christmas with just the kids and some of my family but no woman. All I can say is maybe we will both find someone before Christmas , just keep being hopeful

    • Or. Why not ask her for a second chance?

    • @dimples123 to late for that, she was cheating on me for years and now she is moving in with the guy since he bought a house with her while I'm stuck selling the house for the bank or they will foreclose on it since I owe more than it's worth

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