How do I let go?

Him and I, we've been best friends for 5 months. I fell in love with him, but now he has a girlfriend (they just started dating 2 weeks ago) I've been trying to stay friends with him, be a good friend, but my feelings make it really hard. I finally messed things up this week. And he told me he would just leave me alone and not text me until next week. Well 2 days into the week, I just told him I'm giving up and that I don't want him in my life anymore. He hasn't texted back, I feel like I'm being clingy and I don't know what to do. Tomorrow will be the end of the week where he said he would text me. But I've blown up his phone so much and tried to be so mean to him, just to get a response. At the same time I stil miss him, and I guess I need to move on. I'm just having a really hard time. Any advise?


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  • I think the best thing to do is cut contact with him completely. I know it's hard to do but trust me you'll feel so much better once you start. You can't be friends with someone you fell in love with (trust me, I've tried). You just end up being more hurt. Just cut contact and move on.


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