Too soon for my ex fiancé to be getting engaged again?

My ex fiancé and I broke up about 3 years ago. A seriously messy breakup... He cheated on me. We never spoke until last year. Now we are in good contact and speak daily, i even saw him for the first time last month. He's been dating a girl for about 3/4 months and tells me he's planning on asking her to get married. I think it's way to soon, however how do I tell him this without sounding clingy/needy. I've moved on, and am seriously just looking out for the guy. When he dropped the news on me my heart literally dropped to my knees.


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  • Unless her love for him has made her retarded, chances are, she'll say no anyway.

    But are you sure he didn't just say that to get some kind of attention from you? Or get you thinking about him more?

    Since you seem to be all over this.

    • No the thing is we are really good friends. Still. He doesn't talk much about this girl of his anyways and i prefer it like thatb

    • No guy in his right mind would even think about marriage 3 months in. So this sounds like he just wants to get some reaction out of you.

      I wouldn't pay attention to it at all

    • Thanks x

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  • Let him make his own mistakes. I feel sorry for that poor girl because he'll inevitably cheat on her as well, especially making such a drastic plunge into commitment as a marriage proposal after only 4 months.

    • Yes I agree, but he's very stubborn

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    • He doesn't listen to reason. No need to be so uptight

    • That would be why I said to let him make his own mistakes?

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  • 3 years is long enough.

  • he won't, he just wants your attention, my ex made me think he would marry me just after we met three months, but the fourth month he broke up with me, stay away from him, he is a playboy. you deserve better


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