Girls, How can I get rid of this?

My ex broke up with me a couple of months ago because she didn't want to try LRD, she hits me up here and there, I didn't have a closure so I wanted to know if it was in her mind to get back together and try it again since we've been together for 3 years.
Before getting serius into the conversation she said she smoked weed with some guys (she's new at the place, so how the fuck you go and smoke weed with some strangers? when you dont even smoke at all?), she told me she went to a college party and one guy kissed her and she let him and they made out, she told me the guy is way hotter than me, has tattoos, got more money than me and everything. She then told me that was a lie that she just smoked weed.
She told me one of the reasons she broke up was because of my economical situation too cuz i was an obstacle for her goals, afterwards she told me she doesn't imagine herself with someone else but me, but its damn clear she doesn't want to get back. She told me a bunch of hot guys hit on her and she feels confident, and a bunch of bullshit to get me jealous, it didn't, it just hurt me... she just wants to hurt me i guess, and wants to keep me hanging playing her games just because I love her.

I dont contact her but she calls me or whatever, I ignore her calls and her texts sometimes, sometimes I reply but short answers. but being honest I dont want to talk to her anymore, she's not the person i fell in love with, but I dont want to delete her from all my social networks.

what can i do? what do you think is going on in her twisted evil mind? should i tell her I dont want to talk to her anymore or just keep ignoring her calls and messages until she stops? is she taking me for granted?
She told me she felt empty in the relationship, and told me that I was boring too, she was happy in the relationship but felt empty and I didn't surprise her anymore.
which tells me she wasn't/isn't in love with me anymore and thats why she's rude, she didn't care about not fighting for our relationship and so on, because she told me our relationship wasn't her priority either.


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  • If you don't want her in your life then you do need to delete her from social media, don't respond to any contact, and move on. Don't give her false impressions about wanting her in your life if you don't. And you won't be able to fully move on if you remain in contact.

    • I still love her, but she disappoints me... Im ignoring her texts, I don't know until when I'd have to do it because deep down I want to be with her but not under those circumstances.

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