My ex wants to visit me?

we broke up a few months ago because he has been constantly criticizing me and we were always fighting. we hadn't talked for a while, but recently he began texting me that he misses me often. because I don't want to give him the wrong idea, I haven't responded that much, only to reaffirm my feelings about breaking up. he then blamed me for "having nothing left" anymore and being depressed. then he tells me he wants to come visit me where I go to school, 3 hours away. I know i sound unnecessarily paranoid, but I have a bad feeling he wants to harm me. I feel like even if I say no, he will still come here because he has a free train voucher. what should I do?


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  • you have to show him that you've become a responsible for your life and for your own feelings. but why do you give some people (like your EX) a priority or a chance to break you down later?
    simply contacting with him means that his happiness is more important than your and this wrong thing. don't give others power over you.

    Nothing wrong with asking some help from close friends around you, tell some of your close friends at work about the situation you're in so that if he comes around u to give you a protection that will make you feel safe and change your number.

    Don't be afraid and everything will be ok.
    I'm not saying that's to make you feel scared, but I'm saying this to make you feel safe, because everything will be ok.

    Good luck...


What Girls Said 1

  • Continue to tell him you aren't interested. Change you number if need be, and if he actually knows where you are, then talk to another adult you trust and seek advice.


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