Was I in the wrong?

I broke up with my girlfriend because she kept checking out guys and talking about her sexual history (in detail) was it wrong that I left? Also we dated for 8 months and I tried talking to her about it more then once, she always just got mad...
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  • You absolutely did the right thing! Run from someone like this and never ever look back!! Someone better will come, I promise.


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  • Based on that information, yes, you did the right thing there. Any person you are dating should never talk about their past sexual exploits in detail unless they are asked by you or it is a discussion you are both having back and forth.

    Also, talking to her about it and she gets mad? That is defensive behavior and points towards her most likely cheating on you in the future if she hadn't already. Whenever someone acts like that, it just shows they do not respect you. If she cared about you, she would be able to talk to about it and consider your feelings.

    You dodged a bullet there mate.


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  • she sounds like a confused insecure girl.


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