Why would be ex want me to need him if he's moved on?

Ok so this is probably aimed more at guys but would appreciate comments from both.

We split up 10weeks ago and after a lot of mixed signals i find myself not 100% sure that he won't try to come back to be with me and our son until i actually see him with someone else. But my question is if he's moved on like he says and maybe going into a new relationship why does he want me to need him still? For example when something needs fixing or building him and his mum for that matter always assume i need him to do it he's always like ill do it when im next here or she asks if she should ask hin to do it its like he expects me to ask him to help me do stuff all the time and when i do it myself he looks abit gutted. Why would he want me to want/need him surely an ex asking u to do stuff all the time is highly annoying?


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  • Because it gives them purpose which they lack otherwise.

    • But why does he need me to fill that purpose if he has a new girl in his life? He says he's moved on but if i mention going out i get 20 questions he shouldn't be like this if he's with someone surely

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    • We have a baby so its but difficult not to have contact unfortunately

    • Dang, I guess you just gotta do your thing and try to ignore his bs. haha

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