How can I feel better?

I love my ex, its been a little over 2 months since she dumped me. We've had some conversations in between but I dont hit her up or anything, she says she loves me but felt empty in the relationship, plus she moved to another state without hesitating because she wanted a better future and I wasn't part of her future.

Before that I was pursuing too much because I felt I was losing her, I know I messed up by pursuing her but I didn't know better back then. But she treated me like crap and disrespected me a lot, but she's moving on so fast (she doesn't love me even tho she claims she does) and I really feel powerless and unloved, forgotten. She hit me up a couple of days ago but i ignored her text because she disrespected me in such a way last week I promised I'd never hit her up again because I think she's taking me for granted even after breaking up.

I've been working out and I got a job, but I feel desperate inside, its hard to concentrate.

I think she's dating someone else because she said a lot of hot guys hit on her at college (maybe she said to mess with me). I got my pride up but my self esteem is devastated because I love someone that doesn't even care how much damage she does to me.


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  • Well I am glad you are feeling powerless, that is great for you to realize because you most certainly are.
    You are wasting way too much time on the past and you need to let go of this. So lets help you get there. She was never right for you from the beginning you two forced a situation that was hopeless and ended exactly how all the signs showed at the beginning. Yet you still knew it was going to hurt you jumped off the cliff anyway and crashed hard on the rocks below. Now you are looking up and for some reason am missing the girl that asked you to jump off.
    Simply put this woman was never right for you and not even close to what you needed or desired. So it should be an easy closing the door and RUNNING away from that disaster as fast as you can. At least to all your readers here.
    I need for you to realize that true effortless love does exist. You have not found that yet nor experienced it, this is why you are emotionally torn on the familiar pain as comfort.
    If you want to feel powerful then turn your will life over to your Creator and ask for guidance. Even if it is minute by minute you must to do it to surrender you pain over. Listen to your institutions and keep focusing on yourself and when you get those feeling of missing her turn that around immediately to believe that there is an amazing woman out there wanting and needing a heart like your to fulfill her dreams. So prepare yourself for her. Do not look for it. God will guide you two together when you are both ready to meet. Just know and believe this will happen. there is no time for doubt. And there definitely is no time on wasting your days on something that doesn't deserve you. So take this time to let her go wish her well (in your head) and go get ready for the gifts God provides with a Thankful heart.

    • at the beginning it was effortless, we dated for 3 years, she changed... but thank you very much for your answer, its been of a lot of help!

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