How does a guy act if he wants you back but is afraid to tell you?

how does a guy act if he wants you back...but is afraid to tell you..? any clues I could look for...i don't want to ask him myself...i just wanna no if there is anything I can look for, or do to so that I know that he wants me back


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  • soetimes you can't tell

    same thing happened with me and my girlfriend

    but she final relized she liked me back

    so you just have to judge it yourself

    sry for bad respons

    but goodluck :)

    • I don't talk to him much...the last time is did was because of him drunk texting me, he texted me a few days later saying sorry, that he has been trying not to drink much lately because it gets him into trouble ( he did it one othere time to me)....i don't no if that would mean..i am not the only person he is doing that to..or if he is just lonely...or if when he is drunk , is the only time he has the will to text me?..i don't know what do yoou think

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  • id like to know this too.


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