What does it mean when an ex apologizes and ends it with you deserve better?

So I was dating this 25 year old for 6 months, he told me early on that he only gets into relationships if he's truly interested/likes a girl (he has been in 3 counting me). He pursued me, asked me to exclusive and eventually asked if it was okay to call me his girlfriend w/ little to no pressure from me. He seemed totally taken with me & the feeling was mutual. Forward to the 5/6 month mark and things change. He has a lot of family issues (lives@home) a lot of abuse/alcoholics/manipulation etc and he often times would take care of the family/try and keep the peace.
But it effected him in many ways. He started to really open up to me, but things got really bad at home, cops came etc and pretty much he shut me out, ignored me for days, I had asked him several times if a relationship was what he could handle right now. He would never answer it until finally I got him to meet me face to face. I asked him, he said no he was too toxic in near tears, & seemed so indecisive. I was so crushed but told him us parting was clearly for the best, I needed to be with someone who knew what they wanted although I did want him.
I told him maybe we could be friends but I needed space from seeing eachother and texting.
A month passed and I text him saying I was sorry, that I still cared for him, he was amazing but i couldn't be friends because I thought it would be too much for me. I hope he understood etc

He responds with this huge text apologizing, how much potential I have and how amazing, beautiful, smart, ambitious I am, how he wishes things were different. How it hurts knowing it was him who drove us apart due to lack of effort, communication, and him being so cold. How he is so sorry he took advantage of me and he is also hurting how he "couldn't make himself do it & didn't know why" (Idk if he's talking about committing)? He ends it with you are brilliant and will find someone better, you deserve better.
Is this an honest apology, why wouldn't he try harder? Or just BS?


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  • It's honest.
    He just has so much going on in his life ( non related to you ) and it is affecting everything he does

    • Thank you, I appreciate the response. I really do hope so... I've heard that phrase before only to find I was being cheated on, not saying he was doing that whatsoever but I know some people use it as a way to take the guilt off of themselves or a polite way of saying "I'm just not as into you as you are into me". His response did seem sincere and I felt there was something really special there in regards to the relationship, but i guess life happens. Just a very sad situation and hard to let go... prior to this I did my best to be supportive of everything, remind him of all his great qualities and encourage him especially when he was down... it's pretty damn sad if he truly thinks I deserve someone "better" because in my eyes he was quite amazing.

    • Sounds like his heads just in a really bad place and he is mature/conscious enough to be aware he is possibly just going to drag you down atm...
      Feel free to pm me on this during the week

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