Why did my husband walk out on me?

We had been married for 12 years (together for 15)
he walked out 5 weeks after my dad died and he has never once regretted it. In fact, he says he's happier than ever.
also he spends all his free time with 18 years olds and chats 3-4 hours to a separated women at work.
Why is he doing this?


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  • sorry for what a happened, It seems that your husband is no longer want to be responsible towards married life (became afraid of commitment+acting as a teenager). sad thing is that person who promised to make your life happy, made you unhappy. you already know that his happiness at this time means your sadness (whatever he said about his feelings ). sorry for what a happened, but your next steps should be more positive and wiser.
    sorry for what you've been through.

    Good luck...

  • Seems something about yr father's death got to him and made him think that he is missing out on life so he left for someone else


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