Co worker is a recent ex problems?

I dated a co worker for a year and we broke up 3 weeks ago because I found out she cheated, slept with and seeing other guys behind my back...

My last words to here was come get your shit I want you out if my fucking life. She told me she will come pick up her stuff 3 weeks ago and just never came... Since then I ignore her at work like we are strangers...

Her behavior is her floating around my area at work to talk to a co worker and when she goes to the restroom she takes the longer route to walk past my desk and also when she is leaving she walks past me and will pick up small talk w the person behind me and I can feel her eyes on me...

She is a control freak... She has told me that she has never been dumped before she told me she was always the one who did the breaking up...

my close friend told me I put a really big dent into her ego because of this.

Im im wondering why she keeps coming around me?


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  • She thinks she can worm her way back into your life. Let the sun set on her rotten crotch. Keep giving her the cold shoulder , she will grow tired of it eventually and she will go away

    • Another thing she is doing is flirting with guy co workers who use to flirt with her and she does with me around say a pot luck... She also opened a facebook and is publicly being flirty with guys... I get a little jealous because it's natural but I act indifferent and act like I don't notice...

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    • She cheated then lied about for almost a year then when I found out she had to admit but she said that was so last year like since it happened long ago I'm suppose to be ok with that... Dumped the shit out if her!

    • So last year huh !! So don't matter what it was is what I would say. Does she actually think there is a statute of limitations on this? Uhh alrity then. Getting rid of her is the only smart thing

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