Did my ex boyfriend cheat on me?

My ex boyfriend always said he cared about me and then tried to have sex with me when ever we were alone even though I told him I wanted to wait. and there were rumors he had porn on his phone, and when I went to use it one day he flipped out and wouldn't let me use it. and I caught him lying to my face a lot. then 2 days before valentines day he dumped me... and already had a girlfriend just a few hours later...

was he cheating on me you think?


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  • In a guys point a view. And his, he wasn't cheating, he was probably flirting with a lot of other girls while you two were going out. I believe he probably had pics from other girls on his phone, (there's no reason to just have porn on your phone). Once that he tried to get with you more then once and didn't get anything, he probably just decided that he couldn't get what he wanted from you, so he dumped you and asked a more "willing" naive girl out. Don't take it to heart, he is an asshole that is just looking to get laid.

    • So what about the whole hours later? I'm sorry but you don't have another girl that quickly

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    • Mmmm I still feel like your agreeing just because ur a guy and guys stick together.... and if they were just friends he should have just come clean and tole me they were hanging out. I know his rep for being a manwhore. but that doesn't give him the right to hook up hours after a break up

    • I'm not agreeing, I'm just assuming he was going to play her off as a friend if you had sex with him. Which you didn't, so he asked her out after he broke up with you.

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