Why does he play the victim? when he's the one in one in the wrong?

I've wrote on here a couple of times now and i have explained how my then boyfriend had given his number out twice to two different girls because the one wouldn't leave him alone, he was snap chatting a girl when we were together who he had taken on dates before we got together, he would lie to me about his ex texting him and say it was his friend, i found several messages off girls on valentines day he said he knew all of them and they were his friends and i shouldn't expect all of his friends to have his phone number, he lied to me for 6 months about taking a class A drug, we were meant to go on holiday and when it came to paying for it he told me he had no money (should have been saving it for 5 months) but then went out 3 weekends on the bounce and spent money on drink. He cancelled on me to go out with his friends after he had already made plans with me, i would call him becayse i couldnt text and he would cut me off the phone real quick. Yes there were also times i over reacted maybe slightly to certain things, or i wouldn't snap out of a mood quick enough with him, but he says he doesn't feel he's done anything wrong in the relationship and all the arguing stressed him out and so ultimately although he acknowledges he was an idiot he feels that the things i have listed are normal and i should of just got over them?

Do you think i am the one in the wrong? why does he make me feel like this is all my fault?


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  • No you're right. Addicts will always blame someone else for their problems.

    • he just makes me feel guilty

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    • Everything he's done is an example of what not to do in a relationship. He sounds like a guy that belongs on Springer.

    • He doesn't take any responsibility for it and he doesn't get why I get so mad at him when things happen or why it bothers me so much and I can't let go it?

  • Because he doesn't see it this way.


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