How can I get her off my mind?

I can't get over a girl who to me felt like the one, i have never loved someone like i loved her but things didn't work out and now we are just friends but i just can't do it i want her and her only, she has become an obsession and i can't let go of her. We are in the same class and she always sits next to me because we don't really like the rest so basicly we don't have friends expect eachother in class so i can't get anywhere else far from her to forget about her moreover we have the same friends so when they go out she goes out so we can't avoid eachother, on social media i can "ignore" her so to speak but not IRL and it makes it that much difficult to forget her and think of other things. It has become so far with me that i don't get enough sleep because i (over) think about her and i just feel terrible and i need some help ASAP because i am starting to worry about my health. Do you guys and girls have some advice to get over someone? i truly need it


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  • sorry for what you've been through, but It's hard to turn love into a friendship because there will be some of stuck feelings from one side only. I know that you still care about her, but it's time to let that's feelings go and move on. start by cutting off all communication and try to make a clear boundaries between you. and remember that she's the reason of your sadness.

    Don't be sad if you got hurt by some people in your life, not all people are angels. so stop looking for your happiness in others, otherwise you'll find yourself alone and sad, but look for it within yourself and you'll feel happy even if you stayed alone.

  • Just calm down. Don't get ahead of yourself. Try meditation. If it's involuntary, then you need theraphy.


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