Does my ex still love me or did I really mean nothing to him?

So my boyfriend and I broke up last Sunday. He ended it over text and hasn't given me the time of day to talk to me and talk it out so I can have some closure. We've spoken a few times and all he's told me he still loves me and he could never hate me he just hates how I'm reacting to the break up. I have literally gone crazy, calling him non stop and trying to get my answers because I'm hurting so badly and just want to know why I wasn't good enough. This wasn't just a small meaningless relationship it was a massive intense relationship. So last night we spoke again and he was being such a prick to me and calling me names and everything. Telling me he fell out of love, he never loved me, he hates me, he found someone better, he used me and he was only with me because he felt sorry for me. So after him telling me all that I don't really know what to do or how to take it. Because I know he loves me. He did so much for me and showed me so much love and made me the happiest girl despite everything we went through. He's adding all these girls on Facebook and telling me he's slept with all these girls and stuff but I don't know what to believe. The guy I know would never do this. So is he hurting? Or is he just trying to hurt me more. Help please!!!


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  • Sounds like he's just trying to get you out of his life.
    He tried being gentle about it, but you didn't leave.
    So he tried being apathetic towards you, but you didn't leave.
    So now he is being an ass about it in hopes you will bugger off.

    Best guess anyways, hard to tell

    • He tells me he wants me out of his life and then he loves me still and we're friends. It's just so confusing and I don't know how to take all these signs. I know for a fact he loves me. No one falls out of love that quickly especially after a relationship this intense

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    • I know what he's like. I know he's hurting because I did something to make this relationship end. He's scared of me. Like legit scared of me and he told me he just wants to hurt me like I hurt him. When he talks about other guys he doesn't want me getting with anyone else.

    • so, what are you going to do about it?

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  • First and foremost: Respect yourself enough to throw this one back, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

    He's being as flagrantly obvious as he can to get the message through to you.. it's over. Let him go. The why's and why nots only matter to you and if you keep torturing yourself over it you will never recover and find someone that does really love and respect you.

    I get that you are hurting, I understand! My husband of 18 years walked away and married his high school sweetheart just a few months after our divorce was final. It was hard to believe that I mattered that little to him after all that time.

    I came to realize after nearly two years that I'm better off knowing and not wasting any more of my precious time being with someone with that little regard for me or my feelings.

    Best wishes for 2016, may you overcome your grief and find your peace.


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  • I don't think he intentionally try to hurt you. Real up is not easy former and dumpee. He's probably feeling guilty. And he can't handle his own emotions let alone yours.

    Right now some distance is good for you to regain your clarity and power imbalance. Don't focus on what he thinks or if you can get him back.

    Focus on yourself. What have you learn in this relationship and if YOU really want him back. And what's the reason you want him back.


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