Having the confidence to walk away from a bad relationship?

It's got to the point when I know my relationship is over, I've been in denial too long. He makes me feel crap about myself, I can't remember the last time he even told me I looked beautiful. I walked out of his house earlier because he just made me feel so completely unwanted, he called me, shouted down the phone and told me to go die, then he hung up. And that was the last time I heard from him. I have no friends that I can count on, he was basically my everything and now I feel completely empty. I know it's not working with him, how do you find the confidence to walk away? In the past I make it to about a week and just crumble and run back to him. Thanks guys x


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  • Congratulations, you've just started waking up from a bad dream. sometimes some relationship is not good to be continued, and continue in this relationship will gives you a less opportunities to be (yourself) or to live your life. you have to start determining your priorities and be more valuable than before. the more you have the ability to keep your troubled feelings under control. the more you'll be the most successful person in administration yourself and your feelings.

    get rid of that fake friend, and start to open your heart and your mind to be more social and more confident (believe me, there is no such a thing as a lonely person in the world). Don't be afraid and walk by a confident steps to (YOU).
    go out from there and promise yourself to be better than before.

    Good luck...


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  • Since you recognize your pattern behavior, now it is time to break it.
    You run back to these men...
    understand exactly what you are running back to.
    You are running back to a fantasy.
    You are running back to a relationship you "hope" will be good.
    You are running back to someone you "want" him to be.
    You have to understand that he isn't any of that.
    He is not a place in his life where he even wants change.
    You have to look at the facts.
    Everytime you feel the urge to run back, remind yourself that you are
    running back to an illusion.
    An illusion is not what it perceives itself to be.

    You deserve better than what you allow yourself to receive.
    Do not run back.
    Stay away from him.

    You have to dig deeper into your soul...
    why do you keep allowing yourself to be in relationships like this?

    There's something in your life that is missing and you're hoping to find it with these types of men.
    You have to find happiness in your soul before you can find it from any one else.
    You will always be broken if you look to others to make you happy.

    Happiness starts from within.
    We allow people that are close to us to be an extension of our happiness.
    Looking to others to "give" you that feeling simply will be short-lived or will not happen.

    *Best wishes*


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  • just keep reminding yourself that the reason he will never stop treating you like this, is because you always crumbled and ran back to him. and that is why you won't, this time


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  • Well I think that you run back because you're not ready, no matter what you tell yourself. When you are finally done, you will leave. And though it may break your heart to do so, you'll stick with it because you will realize how much more you deserve.


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