How to move on for good from an ex?

me and my ex have been broken up for 4 months now and she fucked me over really hard since then its too much to get into detail but she has become a really bad person since when i was with her. A big thing that happened since the break up is that she is now with a guy that treats her like complete shit and physically hits her. i stopped talking to her over a month ago and the last couple of weeks she popped back into my life and she was saying that she messed up and regrets it all. stupid me listened and took her back.. we have been sleeping together and hanging out mostly every night for the last 2 weeks. now she is saying to me that she's not sure what she wants and she thinks she needs some time to be alone even though she is still with this guy of hers and she iwll be seeing him tomorrow when he comes back down for a week or so... all i have thought about for the last 4 months is her and im tired of it she comes and goes in my life whenever she pleases and it feels like ill never move on for good. like she said she's gonna break up with him when she see's him tomorrow but i doubt that its like she likes the fact that she gets treated like shit she gets a thrill over it and i dont understand why she would wanna be with someone like that cause she use to be a better person when she was with me now she's like a slut. she still telling me that she loves me and she wants a month apart to sort herself out but i just dont believe her i just think she will just stick with him and fuck me off again until she starts to miss me and then she will wander back into my life again for awhile. i need help with this because it feels like ill never move on for good and actually be happy like she is controlling me so much and everytime i should tell her to go away i give into cause i love her so much and let her back in. if anyone has any advice on how to actually forget her for good and lose these feelings please tell me cause i want to move on!


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  • First you need to actually make her your ex - cut ties completely. You know she is lying to you, you know she is playing you. She has demonstrated that she can't/won't change and is just using you. So stop talking to her.

    Next, find some hobbies/friends, and get on with your life.

    Finally, time is the ultimate painkiller. A few weeks/months of living a normal life and you will be as good as new.

    • yeh alright will do thanks!
      i think today i have finally hit that point where i know its time to move on im tired off all the bullshit and i dont tthink she will ever realise what she had till im gone so im gonna focus on myself for once and just do it

    • its just hard she wasn't like this when i was with her and i dont know why she has changed to this person and i know she'll come looking for me again she always will I've gotta learn to say no to her

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