How do I let him down easy?

I broke up with my boyfriend on Sunday. We only dated a week, but he says he's so into me and wants another shot. He's a little older than me, he doesn't have a job, and he drinks way too much. I don't want to turn him down AND make him feel like a bad person. So what should I do to turn him down nice enough to where we could still at least be friends?

Thanks for the answers! They helped out great, but now he's telling me he's in love with someone else who he just met, I think he's trying to make me jealous. Which is so childish I don't think I want friendship with him anymore. But thanks again!


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  • First of all, you should have gotten to know him better before getting involved. Remember this lesson for the future.

    Secondly, think of yourself first. You do not want this relationship to continue. Period. As long as you don't mistreat him or make condescending statements to him, he has to handle his own feelings.

    So, just tell him that this relationship is not working out for you. Don't give any reasons. Don't make him feel that you are leaving him for someone else. DOnt give any excuses. Just be matter of fact. Don't offer to remain friends. Just break it off.


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  • tell him that you want different thing, and now the relationship is conflicting with what you truly want, and that you hope you can be friends because right now you can't be his girlfriend ...

    its straight to the point...

  • You put you first and JUST SAY NO! No disrespect to the guy but...Tell him thanks but no thanks and walk away...His life choices and his feeling are his responsibility not yours...No you don't have to be a bitch about it...But, specially if he's a drinker...He's not likely to want to remain friends and if you try and push that issue you may create a situation you really don't want...Like him getting drunk and trying to talk with you, and this would be the nice version...I know a lot about drinkers...Please just walk away without a care in the world! Blessing.


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