One word text again?

I split up w/my ex a couple months ago, I left him due to feeling taken for granted, he wasn't concerned about how I felt and the last time turned into a full blown argument. I was devastated, he didn't do anything before the break up even though he sensed one was coming. He called me a few days later w/regrets and promises to make big changes (he couldn't even make small changes). I messaged him about my stuff a little later and he accused me of breaking his heart. I had NC until he messaged me again saying he missed me. Then I got a text and social media message w/one word, I never responded. I blocked him on social media and got a one word text again. I don't have his # saved anymore, I just recognize the area code. What are his intentions? These messages are like a slap in the face. by the way I don't want to block his number because then his # would be saved on my phone.
Also just because I left him doesn't mean I didn't get hurt, I truly loved my ex.


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  • What I understood from the way he act (he missed you but there is no guarantee that he really change). I know that his messages really hurt and you missed him too, but you've to be a responsible of your choice and wiser to relieve pressure on your feelings.
    sorry for what you've been through, but change your phone number and give yourself a chance to breath and time to heal.

  • Just block his number through your carrier.


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